Past PhD students (2012 – present)


Qian Jia

Thesis: MOF-based Membranes for Challenging Gas Separations

Elliott Bruce

Thesis: Investigations of small-pore zeolites with complex structural chemistry


Ruxandra G. Chitac

Thesis: Designed synthesis and structural investigation of novel zeolites in the ABC-6 family



Ivalina B. Minova

Thesis: Investigations of Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Catalysis in Zeolites by Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy



Abigail E. Watts

Thesis: Design and Synthesis of Novel Zeotypes

Ram Prasad R. R.

Thesis: An Investigation of Metal-Organic Frameworks as Bifunctional Catalysts for Tandem Reactions



Angelica F. Orsi

Thesis: Towards Metal-Organic Frameworks for Mixed Matrix Membranes



Amanda Anderson

Thesis: Strategic Immobilisation of Catalytic Metal Nanoparticles in Metal-Organic Frameworks

David J. Price

Thesis: Synthesis of the Zeolites Mordenite and Ferrierite for Applications in Catalysis



Berenice González Santiago

Thesis: Synthesis and Properties of Scandium Carboxylate Metal-Organic Frameworks

Alessandro Turrina

Thesis: Novel Zeotype Frameworks for Catalytic Applications: Design, Synthesis and Characterisation



Juergen Kähr

Thesis: Investigation of Metal-Organic Frameworks as Adsorbents for CO₂ Capture from Flue Gas

Laura Mitchell

Thesis: Metal Organic Frameworks as Lewis Acid Catalysts

Eike C.V. Eschenröeder

Thesis: The Location of Active Sites in Microporous Solids



Magdalena M. Lozinska

Thesis: Investigation of Inorganic Porous Solids as Adsorbents for the Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas



John P. S. Mowat

Thesis: Synthesis, Characterisation and Adsorption Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Structural Response to Functionalisation and Temperature

Michael T. Wharmby

Thesis: Synthesis of Porous metal Phosphonate Frameworks for Applications in Gas Separation and Storage

And many more before…