Project Students


Yuanyuan Du

Yuanyuan is an undergraduate student from Shenzhen, China. Yuanyuan joined the group to complete her MChem project. The aim the project is to investigate the effect of various anions on the synthesis of zeolites. Outside of chemistry, Yuanyuan enjoys playing board games with friends and crafting.


Grace Kerr

MRes project – Zr/Hf-based MOFs and their Lewis acid sites

Sam Allen

Laidlaw Scholarship programme – Tailoring the Flexible Zeolite Molecular Sieve Merlinoite for Carbon Capture

Emma Southall

MChem project – MOFs for direct air capture of carbon dioxide


Ben Tragheim

Understanding and Optimisation of the Templated Synthesis of Target Zeolites via Computation and Experiment

Lucy Hart

Targeted Synthesis, Ion Exchange and Evaluation of Merlinoite Structures for Carbon Capture